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Get CASHCBACK Up To 1 BILLION at Bridestory Market 2018

Get CASHCBACK Up To 1 BILLION at Bridestory Market 2018
Make a deal at Bridestory Market 2018 and get back up to IDR 1 BILLION in cash!
With a minimum purchase of IDR 2.000.000, you are entitled to join the door prize and get a chance to win back your spending in full if you use Bridestory Pay.
Winners will be drawn by raffle system a week after the event through Instagram Live at @thebridestory.
How to :
  1. Have your Bridestory app ready on your phone. Make sure that you’re logged in before making a purchase.
  2. Book a vendor and use Bridestory Pay to make the payment:
    • Negotiate the payment terms with the vendor. Once agreed, the vendor will send the quotation to your Bridestory account.
    • You will receive the quotation in your Bridestory chat inbox.
    • Approve the quotation, then proceed to the payment process.
    • Make a payment with your preferred payment method.
  3. Once your payment is finished, bring a hard copy of your quotation to the Door Prize Registration booth (located outside the entrance of Hall 3) to redeem your Door Prize voucher.
  4. Fill out the voucher with your details.
  5. Put the voucher in the designated lucky draw box.

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